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10 most influential Hispanic Canadians

Nominations open in the spring of each year with awards ceremony in the fall. Nominee must live in Canada at the time of nomination. Winners are selected on their merit alone (250 words) and letters of support are not required. A non-winning nominee can only be nominated again two years after their previous nomination.

Business & 
Professional Seminars

Information sessions on issues of importance to professionals, business people, and in general our community. Sign Up to learn more.


The Alliance is constantly seeking to advance the interest of the community and its stakeholders. Past policy examples include procurement and home ownership opportunities during the 2015 Pan American Games; about 50 families secured condominiums at the Village built for the Pan Am Games with up to $90,000 in savings and ethnic suppliers to the Games received priority for contracts for under $50,000. Other examples include the $230,000 in scholarships for the Hispanic community at both Ryerson University ($130,000) and at the International Language Academy of Canada – ILAC ($100,000).

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